Manic Depression Outward Symptoms

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The outward symptoms of manic depression that the world can recognize include increased or enhanced sense of self-esteem, grandiosity, high energy levels, tendency toward high-risk behavior and hedonistic tendencies. Recognize signs of manic depression with information from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on mental health conditions.

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Hello, I'm Dr. David Thomas. I'm a practicing Psychotherapist in Tampa, Florida with the Whitford Thomas Group to speak to you today about the signs of manic depressions; the outward symptoms. First of all manic depression, commonly known as bipolar or manic depression has two components. It has, they're both, it's a mood disorder so they have two types of disorders within that diagnosis. The first one is mania and the other one is depression. So the signs that you tend to see as far as symptoms with the mania is oftentimes the individual is, has this kind of increase or enhance sense of self-esteem and grandiosity which oftentimes plays out in, in how they talk, talk about themselves and kind of how they talk about what they do as far, you know, kind of an arrogant, so to speak. Other outward signs or symptoms of mania is that, people with mania tend to have very high energy level. Their need for sleep is greatly reduced. Another kind of outward sign of a mania part of manic depression is they're often tends to be a enhance kind of involvement in high, kind of high risk behaviors; hedonistic tendencies, better be sexual discretions, buying sprees, drug use or alcohol use. On the depress side, these symptoms that you tend to see a lot, outward symptoms of the manic depression would tend to be sensitive; the thinking components are hopeless, doesn't helpless does; oftentimes you see people tend to have very low energy and oftentimes, find that the, the basic task of living on a day to day to be very difficult. So you oftentimes see a lot of sleeping; oftentimes you see that the person doesn't take care of themselves like they used to and generally, just kind of avoid most kind basic day to day life events. I'm Dr. David Thomas speaking to you today about the outward symptoms of manic depression.


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