How to Cope With Manic Depression

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Coping with manic depression often requires medication, as manic depression stems from a chemical imbalance in the brain. Consider medication and counseling to live with manic depression with information from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on mental health conditions.

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Video Transcript

I'm Dr. David Thomas. I'm a practicing psychotherapist in Tampa, Florida with the Whitford Thomas Group speaking to you today about coping with Manic Depression. Manic Depression is a mood disorder, another word for manic depression is what we call Bipolar and years ago it was referred to as Manic Depression. So how do you cope with Manic Depression? Unfortunately Manic Depression is not something you learn. It is really a chemical imbalance in the system that you are born with. Often times it doesn't manifest itself until early adulthood so in dealing with manic depression it is very hard to cope with manic depression without the use of medication. So if you are experiencing a lot of mania or depression, a manic depression you certainly would want to make an appointment with your family physician for a possible referral to a psychiatrist. I have worked with people in the past who have manic depression who do not want to go on medication and that is certainly their right but the interesting thing about it it is very important to teach that individual there is going to be times in your day, your weeks and your months that you are just going to struggle. Often times people don't like to take medication for certainly the mania component of the depression because mania is kind of a nice state. It is an elevated state. There is a lot of heightened self acceptance of esteem, a grandiose type of mindset. Often times the with the mania component of the Manic Depression you feel high energy, don't need much sleep. You tend to engage in fairly hedonistic activities, unfortunately often times very risky activities but nevertheless hedonistically they are enjoyable. So dealing with Manic Depression, coping with Manic Depression my suggestion would be certainly to make an appointment with your family physician or directly to a psychiatrist to assess whether or not medication would be in your best interest. I am Dr. David Thomas speaking to you today about coping with Manic Depression.


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