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The symptoms of depression and anxiety include mental symptoms and chemical, or physical symptoms, and many times the two emotions are closely linked. Understand the relationship between depression and anxiety with information from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on mental health conditions.

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Video Transcript

I'm Dr. David Thomas, I'm a practicing psychotherapist in Tampa Florida, with the Whitford Thomas Group. Speaking to you today about symptoms with anxiety as well as depression. Anxiety depression are one of the two out of four blocks to happiness. The other two blocks to happiness are anger and guilt. Anxiety as well as depression will have two types of components, or drivers for the symptoms anxiety and depression. You can have a thinking anxiety or depression, as well as a chemical anxiety and depression. Sometimes it's difficult to determine what comes first the chicken or the egg, in this case is it the thinking that drives the depression, and therefore the chemistry gets kind of off. Or is it the chemistry is off, which then effects the thinking. But when we look at the symptoms associated with the anxiety they are very closely related, probably commons symptoms of both would be the tendency to become fatigues or tired often. Anxiety symptoms tend to be more correlated with kind of motor running too fast. And so often times what you get with anxiety is a lot of physical discomfort, increased perspiration, heart rate, tension and headache tension, muscle aches, and behavioral symptoms certainly is an avoidance. But depression because of the tendency to depress the mood, the symptoms you tend to see with depression are insomnia, difficulties in eating, as far as the appetite. Other symptoms associated with depression would be a lack of motivation, inability to concentrate. You don't get a lot of physical discomfort with depression like you do with anxiety, but certainly the consequences associated with both depression and anxiety symptoms tend to interfere in our lives. I'm Dr. David Thomas, speaking to you about the symptoms of anxiety and depression.


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