How to Thread-Wrap Hair

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Thread-wrapping hair can be done by securing one end of the thread or hair to the root, wrapping it tightly around the natural hair and knotting it off on the end. Try thread-wrapping hair, using a variety of colors and textures, with information from a professional hair stylist in this free video on hair care.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Lauren and I am here to discuss how to thread wrap hair. When you are going to thread wrap hair you are going to choose the section which you are actually going to thread wrap. I tend to do depending on the diameter of the wrap you want will depend on the size section you take. I am actually just going to take a smaller section right over here by the ear. Once you do that you are going to grab your thread or anything else that you would want to wrap it with because you can do this actually with hair as well. You are going to pull that piece out. You are going to wrap your thread around the hair and you are actually going to seal it off on the top with a knot. What that is going to do is help the thread stay while you go ahead and thread the rest of it. If you feel as if you need more than one knot to secure it by all means go ahead. Once it is secure you are going to have the two pieces hanging on either side. You are then going to grab the one piece with your actual natural hair and begin wrapping that other piece around. Now there are a few different ways that you can do this, you can do a tight wrap where your hair isn't seen at all and the only piece that is seen is the actual wrap or you can do a loose wrap which will actually integrate some of your own hair with it. You can do different colors as well in order to have it look more appealing in order for the tighter wrap to go. Once you get down to the end you are going to then again take a knot and knot it off. You want to knot it on the end maybe like two or three times to really get it knotted and to make sure that it stays. You are then going to simply cut the remainder of the string off or the remainder of the thread. You want to make sure you do it very very tightly in order to keep it and even if you are doing that looser one where you want to integrate your own hair you will integrate your own hair by integrating your hair with the different threads so you will just grab a piece of your hair with the thread and then you'll go around and that is how to thread wrap hair.


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