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There are a number of ways that a man can get a urinary tract infection, but they are primarily caused by E. coli making its way up the urethra and into the bladder. Find out how urinary tract infections in men can be caused by kidney stones or enlarged prostates with help from a licensed RN in this free video on urinary tract infections.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Kayti Brosnan. I'm a registered nurse here in Austin, Texas, and today, I'm going to tell you about urinary tract infections in men. The flow of urine is nature's way of eliminating water fluid from our system. It's eliminating, but it's also preventing and helping to flush out any sort of bacteria. Sometimes there's a breakdown in the system, and E. coli, which is in our colon, is the most common culprit for causing a bacteria that causes urinary tract infections. And somehow, this makes its way up the urethra and into the bladder, causing the infection. A lot of the things that could bring this on...this on -- there's a couple of things. One of them is blockage, which could be from kidney stones or an enlarged prostate. Another's having a catheter inserted, and that's kind of like a little highway up into your bladder. Some of the signs and symptoms of a urinary tract infection, or a UTI, are pain or burning with urination. You might have fever, there might be a foul smell in your urine. You might have the need to go frequently, but when you go, not a whole lot comes out. Cloudy urine or some pain in the back, which is where our kidneys are. So this is easily treated with antibiotics. You go to the doctor's, they take a culture, they'll find out what has...what bacteria has actually gotten into your bladder, and then from there, they'll determine what antibiotic is the best for that bacteria. And that is a little bit about urinary tract infections in men.


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