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When buying a pet ferret, make sure they are legal in your state, research pet ferret needs, prepare to feed the ferret a special diet, and make sure the local vet is familiar with ferrets. Make sure to supervise ferrets continuously when they are out of their cage with advice from a veterinarian in this free video on ferrets.

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Video Transcript

We're going to talk about how to buy a pet ferret. The first thing to know about ferrets is that they're not legal in every State. And so you need to check with your local laws, your fish and wildlife management agencies, things like that to make sure it's a legal pet to keep. Secondly, a lot of pet stores will carry ferrets and will also know about those laws. And what you really want to do is research what ferrets are and what they, what they do and their needs. Because ferrets are not appropriate for every household. Ferrets do have quite a bit of needs and a lot unique issues. First of all they're Mustelidaes. And they are carnivores. And so these guys require a special diet that's approved for ferrets. They also use supplements like FerreTone, FerretVite, things like that to keep them healthy. They're also escape artists. They also like to burrow and things like that. And so, you have to keep sup, a hundred percent supervision on these guys outside of their cages. Their cages are generally wire and large and multi-level. Ferrets also like to lounge in hammocks in these multi-level cages. And so they are very energetic and also again, very mischievous. And so you need to make sure that your house is ferret proofed first. That is, they can't get into cabinets, they can't get under or beneath things that it can't get out of and get itself in trouble. And so also, another thing, is making sure that you have a local veterinary clinic that will see ferrets and vaccinate them and keep them healthy as well. So research ferrets first. Talk to the pet store. Interact with a ferret at a pet store first to make sure this is an appropriate pet for you. Because it isn't for everybody.


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