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To make a ferret cage, follow the general specifications of a commercial cage, make sure it is long and multi-leveled, secure all sides and the door of the cage, and fill the cage with recycled newspaper or corn cob bedding. Provide a litter pan, a food dish, a hanging water bottle and a hammock for a ferret with information from a veterinarian in this free video on ferrets.

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Let's talk about how to make a ferret cage. It's a lot easier to buy a commercial ferret cage obviously because they're designed to be safe and secure already. And so if you're going to make one you want to design it close to those types of specifications. The first thing is you want a ferret cage to be long enough to where a ferret can move around and play and just get exercise. The second thing you want to think about is it needs to be tall enough to where ferrets can move in a multilevel fashion as well. Materials would be based around using a coated wire that a ferret cannot get through because they can get through small little passage ways or small little openings. So, it obviously needs to be, there needs to be a secure top, secure sides and secure bottom. The door has to be very secure because they're good at opening little latches and things like that, because they're very smart and they're escape artists. Now in a homemade cage you're going to have bedding like recycled newspaper, bedding that you can get at pet stores or corn cob based beddings, things like that. You're also on one end going to have a shallow litter pan because ferrets are litter trained just like cats are, and so that works very well on one end. On the other end you're going to use your water bottle, water source and a shallow dish for the ferret approved food that you're going to have them on, generally a dry food. Also, in your cage it needs to be kind of multileveled and a hammock works very well for them. They like to lay in hammocks and lounge around in those. And then lastly you're going to want to put some ferret toys in there so they can with and keep occupied when you're not there. And so, you know check with your pet store on specifications as far as ferret cages are concerned. Just make sure it's escape proof and safe.


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