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Feed ferrets commercial diets designed for ferrets only. Use treats that are approved for ferrets and other carnivores, and consider adding a syrup supplement to help break up hair balls. Check with a veterinary clinic to develop a healthy ferret diet with advice from a veterinarian in this free video on ferrets.

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Let's talk about what to feed ferrets. Now ferrets are carnivores, strictly. And there are commercial diets that are designed for ferrets only. And that's the best way to go. And check with your veterinary clinic or pet store that sells ferrets and they can help you pick out a diet that is specific for ferrets. Cat food which is tolerated by ferrets is just not appropriate, long term. And again, so use something that's appropriate for ferrets only. You can use treats but those treats should be also approved for ferrets. Or like a small amount of meat like chicken or something like that that's tolerated by a carnivore. Diets that are designed for ferrets very commonly come in a pelleted form and like cats they can chew or eat this type of food several times a day and it makes it easy for them. Also there are supplements like Ferretone, Ferretivite things like that which come in a syrup form which you can use and give them several times a day as a supplement of vitamins and it also will help tie up and hair and move hair along, which ferrets do seem to have issues with. So feeding them a syrup supplement several times a day is also a good thing to do. So check with your veterinary clinic or your pet store and they can guide you through the appropriate diets and appropriate supplements for ferrets.


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