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Writing a policy memo for employees informs them of some change in policy, and it can even be a legal and binding document. Include details on the policy change in a memo with help from a management teacher in this free video on business.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Mark and we're going to look at how to write a policy memorandum. Policy means a company or an organizational decision to do something differently. This could be a legal document. This could be a governmental party political document. Obviously it could be an organization of business document. But policy change means that the organization, whoever it is, is changing something or making a new rule or regulation or change of operation. Many different things can come in to this category. It is very important that this policy change is communicated effectively to the relevant people involved. It could be to just one or two people or it could be to many, many people depending again on the organization. It could be as I said a party political memorandum in which case if the parties in power it could affect the entire population. It could be just a local change of policy in terms of the way the party promotes itself in which case only the local management team needs to be aware of it. If it is a business issue, a change of policy might mean for example that there will no longer anymore coffee machines in the business, in the building because it's to expensive, for whatever reason and therefore could you please from now on buy your coffee from outside and the coffee breaks now instead of being for five minutes will be for ten minutes to allow you to go do that. This could be a policy change simplistically. If it is the case then obviously the company would need to communicate this either on a hard copy and therefore this letter would be delivered to all the staff of members and possibly even posted on walls in traditional hard copy version or it could be just posted on the internal Internet which means that everybody will receive an alerted form of communication. That means with a red exclamation dot next to the message, the subject head from the Head of Human Resources or from the Management Team that as from such a date there will be no more of this or no more of that. Now, what does it look like to write one. Again, you need to have a very formal structure of, To: Staff, From: Management Team, Subject: Change of coffee machine practice. A date and obviously in the main body of the later the main information that as from such and such a date, there will no longer be coffee machines available in the building. Please note that as it takes an extra five minutes to collect if from some where else you will be giving this additional five minute period. This will take affect from June the 10th and then something for your salutation and the signature of the Management team.


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