How to Write a Formal Business Memo

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A formal business memorandum is usually written to inform employees of some serious news, whether it be a change in policy, an emergency or a change in management. Draw up a formal business memo to be send to the relevant employees with help from a management teacher in this free video on business.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Mark and we are going to look at how to write a formal business memorandum. The word formal indicates serious. Possibly legally binding. Where as a general business memo could be just some general information. Formal means that something efficient has just happened or is about to happen. This could be a legal issue it could be for example you made redundant and the company has to formally inform that the change will take place at a certain time and that you will need to do as the employee certain things. Vacate the building, remove your belongings from the desk. Change your internal communication. Speak with the Human Resources, what ever it happens to be. There might be a time period at by which this activity, this change must happen within. The fact that is formal as I said indicates some kind of legal connotation. It might indicate that you personally might have to sign or countersign this document that you agree with it or if you disagree with it what steps you can take. It could also be that the company in question is about to merge with another company or about to buy a new line of product line or new software or something that is major. Again, legal implications by signing this piece of paper you are drawn in to this agreement. So the word formal indicates that their is something of a serious nature and possibly a legal connotation involved. A formal business memo could also be an agreement to do something from the management team or the owner. The mere fact that the company has agreed to do something, purchase something, hire somebody, change something. If it is signed by the owner of the company that constitutes a legally binding agreement. So the word formal in this has many connotations. So to write this again, you must clearly have in place from whom to whom, subject, date and time possible, location maybe and the core issue at hand and signed by involved relevant party.


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