How to Write a Memo to Your Employees

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To write a memo to employees, include a title that represents the topic of the memo, write a short description of the change taking place, and outline the news clearly. Pass around a memo to all employees affected with help from a management teacher in this free video on business.

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Hello. My name is Mark and we're going to look at how to write a memo to your employees. The definition of the employee is it means there's more than one or two people working for your organization; it could be a small company, it could be a large company. Irrespective of that issue, if there is a change that happens to the organization, positive or possibly negative, you need to communicate this because your employees work effectively, they need to understand what's going on around them and they need to, obviously, be made clear of what's going on around them in order to gain your support. So, it could be something like a new piece of equipment, machinery, a new member joining the company, a new product launch. It could be that you have to make some redundancies on the negative side or that you have to reduce the amount of hours you can give people to work, numbers of different issues. But, this is information that needs to be clarified and communicated to everybody. Now is the time is to write a very important memo. Now, this could be a hard copy memo that goes out and it's actually hand delivered to all five of your employees or it could be an internal Internet memo that goes out to a much larger portion of people. It could be that you actually just pass this on to your human resources manager who then decides to communicate it from there to the various people who are involved. The memorandum should have a subject matter, heading, a date, a date by when this is written, but also a date from which this takes effect, this particular change. The relevant people who were at the meeting, if there was one or, if it's just from you, the manager or the managing director or the owner of the company and then it should be indicated to whom you're writing. If it's all employees, and you can do this on the Internet, then that should be fine, but it could be through to the different department heads, it could be to specific names. It needs to be very clearly thought through. If it doesn't need to get through everybody and it's going to cause concern, then don't send it to everybody. If it is for just a specific few, then make sure it goes to the specific few. So then you have your subject and a short description of the change that is going to take place and possibly the reasons why, maybe a summary, a conclusion and then a signature. This is basically a formulated internal memorandum and it can, as I said ,be either a hard copy or sent online.


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