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Writing an office memo is important to inform employees of any change within the office, and it can be passed around as a hard copy, or it can be emailed to all affected. Draw up an office memo with help from a management teacher in this free video on business.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Mark, and we're going to look at how to write an office memo. By definition office indicates that we are looking at a specific environment i.e. your office. The memo is usually a formal document indicating change. Or something new is going to happen. So for example, as a new head of office manager or a new colleague has joined the company. Or the company's decided that it's going to now stop its smoking policy. Or it's going to use a new form of internal communication. Something that is going to affect everybody's working day. So for this you need again, a title, subject. So what we talking about here, a new fax machine for example. And why the company's decided or just that the company has decided to install this newer piece of equipment. When it's going to happen. How it's going to be used. Who can use it, etc. Relevant information to you, the receive, the receipt ant of this memo. There should be a subject heading, the from for example the Office Manager. To the workforce. This can be a hard copy or this can be on the internet. Internal memoriam system online. This means for example if everyone in the office was to receive this information, it would go to all on the Internet. Or it would be hand delivered to every single person in the office. It could be just specifically to office line managers who would then communicate down the line. But the internal memoriam is really written to convey something new within the office or working place.


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