How to Make a Paper Helicopter

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A paper helicopter is a folded piece of paper that is designed to spin when it is dropped from a high point, and it requires exact measurements to get the spinning effect. Create a paper helicopter with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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Video Transcript

Today we're going to go through showing you how to do a paper helicopter. You'll need your sheet of paper, I'll give you the dimensions on that. You will also need one little paper clip and a pair of scissors. OK. So you're going to take your ruler and you're going to mark off your 2 centimeters and make yourself two dots so that when you're lining up your ruler, you can keep your lines straight. So you will measure 2 centimeters, then this next vertical line that you need is 8 centimeters right here, 8 centimeters so you're going to lay your ruler down, get your 8 centimeters, get a dot over here and here and draw your line and then you're going to from that point do another 2 centimeters. So it's 2, 8 centimeters, 2 centimeters, and what's left obviously is your other 8 centimeters. So 2, 8, 2 and 8. Then at the bottom, you need to take and do 1 centimeter because you need this striping up the middle of the bottom. So you're going to make another mark up here to your centimeter, your 2, 10 or your 10 centimeter and draw your line and draw your line. So it forms a T. You have this T here. And then the last mark you're going to need is on the top 8 centimeters, you're going to measure as you can see we've marked it 1.5, so 1 and a half centimeters. So you need that center line because this is 3 centimeters across. You're going to measure 1 and a half and you're going to draw the line down to the top of the 12 mark here, so the 2 8 and the 2. OK. So everybody have those measurements? And then what you need to do are simple 3 cuts. You're going to do a cut in here following that line, turn it over, you're going to do another little cut here just like that, so you just have a cut on either side is all. And the other cut you're going to do is the top of your whirly bird, your little helicopter and you are going to cut it right down the middle and stop 8 meters down, centimeters down. OK, to do the bottom, you're going to fold this up, follow that, or back, and one side goes to the back so we're going to turn this over and we're going to follow that line and crease it down just like that. So this is already in the back so I'm going to turn it over because this then has to come to the front, they go opposite. So we're just going to crease that in there just like that. Now to help hold this together, we are going to take our paper clip, because it's heavier paper it's a little bit thick in here but we're just going to get that paper clip right up on there to help hold that down just like that. Now this is where the line is that they're going to get folded down and one goes back and one comes forward. So we'll just take the top right one and kind of crease that down right on that line and then this one will go in the opposite direction. So you need them going opposite directions. Now we're going to add a little bit here to the blade. We're going to hold that diagonal corner like this and then we're going to reach under and just crease this up to the ruler and fold it back. We'll do the same thing on the other side. So we have a little bit fancier, a little fancier look to it, just like that. And then what you need to do, we'll just kind of stand up here, is you just hold it up as high as you can, hold it at either side in the center and let her go. Have a great day, bye.


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