How to Make Flowers From Crepe Paper Streamers


Making flowers from crepe paper streamers is a great way to utilize leftover party decorations, and they can be created by gathering a streamer tightly around a wire pipe cleaner. Make crepe paper flowers for decoration with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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Video Transcript

Today I'm going to show you how to make paper flowers out of streamers. You've had a little party, you have some leftover paper streamers and this'll work just fine. Get a piece of wire, a pipe cleaner will do just fine. You need to bend it in half just like a hairpin. And what you're going to do is get some two sided tape, oh about four inches or so and you are going to tape that around the top part of your hairpin bent wire, just like that. You will need two pieces of streamer paper. Could be the same color, could be different colors, today we'll do different colors and they should be eighteen inches in length. So I have two eighteen inches in length. And alls you decide then is to which one do you want to start with. And I think what we'll do is do the white on the inside. So I'll start with the white one. And what you're going to do is press, actually we'll start off this way down, because usually the inside, you want to fold it down like this. This'll be how we start the center. The inside of a flower is usually very very tight, beginning with the bud. So, what we'll do is just kind of press this in and you just keep bunching it around in the center to make a flower, keeping it kind of tight. O.k., purse it in and then get another four or five inch piece of double sided tape. To anchor that you're going to catch that little edge just like that and then wrap this up a little bit in to the white flower and then bring the rest down so you have some more sticking action going on for your blue. Start the blue where you kind of left off with the white, and we tuck it in just a little bit, doesn't have to be a triangle but just get that edge in. And then you just start bringing it around and pleat it a little bit more. Don't try to wrap it so tight around the center because you want color to be coming out and fanning out as flowers usually do. now, to finish this off you can do a couple different things. If you had access to floral tape, which is kind of a stretchy green tape, it's not real sticky but it is very nice to wrap it around just a stem. Or you could just take your regular tape and bring it down around the end and secure all your petals, and just like that. And there you have a crepe paper flower.


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