How to Keep Perfume From Going Bad

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To keep perfume from going bad, avoid exposure to light, heath and air, all of which can drastically change the smell of the fragrance and destroy its original charm. Keep perfume well-preserved with helpful advice from a natural perfume producer in this free video on perfumes.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Stephanie from and I'm going to answer how to keep your perfume from going bad. The things that will damage perfume the most are light, heat, and exposure to the air, so when you store your perfume, you want to keep it in a place that's somewhat dark so that you don't have too much light going into your perfume. If you have a dark bottle, then it's not so much an issue. Also want to keep it in a cool place. If it's overly hot, it actually can help to damage the perfume. So if you have a cool, dry place, that's the pless, place to store your perfume. And thirdly, oxygen. If you keep opening your bottle often or if you leave the top off of it for very long, the oxygen that goes in can actually help to oxidize the perfume and that'll change the, the scent of your perfume.


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