Why Are My Eyes Watery?

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Eye can be watery due to allergies, clogged tear drains, dry eye syndrome, turned in eyelashes or dust. Avoid getting any foreign matter in the eyes to keep eyes from watering with advice from an ophthalmologist in this free video on eye care and vision problems.

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Video Transcript

My name's Dr. Alan Watson. I'm an ophthalmologist, in St. Joseph, Missouri, and we're here today to talk about eye problems. Well, it it could be any number of things, from allergy... It could be that the tear drain that we talked about earlier; that those little pinholes on the inside surface of your eyelids are clogged up, and the tears aren't being siphoned off the eye correctly, and that could be congenital, like in a baby that could be born where their nasolachrymal duct into the base of the nose isn't fully open, or they can actually have a trauma such as havin' their nose broken in a fight and that'll close off the nasolachrymal duct, and cause the eye to be watery on that side, or they could even have a dry eye what's mildly irritated all the time causing the lachrymal gland to kick in; dump fluid across the eye, and give the patient the perception that their eye is watery when actually it's on the dry side. If their tear film isn't stable because it has too much oily component or not enough that will cause dry spots on the eye and cause the eye to actually water. Inturned eyelashes could cause the eye to water. Dust in the eye, especially seen like with farmers who are out there working their fields, will cause the eye to water, or mowing the grass. Anything that puts a lot of particulate matter into the air, contacts the tear film, and your body creates more tears to flush those foreign bodies off your cornea and protect the eye. This has been Dr. Alan Watson, Ophthalmologist, at St. Joseph, Missouri, discussing different eye problems, and the treatment of different eye problems with you.


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