How Does the Military Work Out?

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The military focuses on working out in the simplest manner, using body weight for exercises like push-ups, sit-ups and running. Stay in shape before joining the military and going through boot camp with help from a private in the military in this free video on military service.

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Video Transcript

How does the Military workout? There are as many different forms of Military workouts, as there are former, current and future uniformed members of our Armed Forces. An Internet search will yield literally millions of hits teaching you about a Military workout. Several websites even provide plans to prepare you to go to Boot Camp. Individually prepping you for the Army and Navy's nine week course. The Air force's 8.5 week course. And the Marines whopping 13 week Boot Camp. You can imagine that these are intense physical and mental challenges to prepare you. The member for difficult circumstances to come. As far as a basic workout goes. A common thread is using the simplest program you can match. If you workout, it involves a lot of equipment. Your next deployment may derail you. Imagine showing up with this. Yeah, not going to happen. Choose workouts that rely on your body weight. Such as push ups, sit ups and running. If you can develop a good universal workout that requires no machines or devices. You've got the right idea. Some resistance straps or even something as simple as a towel. Can even augment your efforts. Just be sure to go on-line. Find a few articles or consult with a reputable fitness instructor. Explaining to them, your workout may be in a hotel room, tent. An open field, a parking lot. Simpler is better. But even if you have nothing but the clothing on your back. Doing some form of workout is absolutely essential. To keeping ship shape and ready for duty.


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