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The military draft has been used for centuries to enlist members of a society in order to get people to participate in military service during periods of national duress. Find out how the Selective Service Act registers men in the United States between the ages of 18 and 25 in case there is a need for a military draft with information from a private in the military in this free video on military service.

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Video Transcript

What is the military draft? The idea of a draft or conscription as it's also called, dates back before history was even recorded. It was common in Egypt, Greece, Rome and other past civilizations to enlist members of their own society and members of any ground they had conquered into military service. The modern method of drafting by means of nationalism or patriotism as opposed to a gun or sword point came into effect during the French Revolution. As it relates to the US, conscription was introduced by the Union during the Civil War. However, draftees were looked down upon by volunteers due to issues like the enrollment act which allowed draftees to hire paid substitutes. Even the selective service act which registers men between the ages of 18 and 25 in case there's a need, has come under fire with the case before the supreme court. It was upheld. There have always been ways out of the draft including fleeing or evading or by being a conscientious objector, someone who's personal beliefs are incompatible with military or being in college. Due to quality and economic issues, a draft is only seen as a good alternative during times of extreme national duress including war.


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