Identifying Spiders of the Midwest

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Spiders of the Midwest region of the United States include the arrow-shaped micrathena, which is found mostly in gardens and wooded areas, the brown recluse, which is very common across the entire country, and the Western black widow, which is easily identified by the red hourglass on the female's back. Locate and identify these common Midwestern spiders with helpful facts from an entomology student in this free video on arachnids.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Lauren Saldana. I'm an entomology major over at FSU, and I specialize in arachnids. So today we're going to be talking about how to identify the spiders of the Midwest. And, the first one that we'll be talking about is the Arrow-Shaped Micrathena, which has a small cephalothorax that's either a dark red or a dark brown kind of color. And they're found in woodland areas and in gardens. And the next one that we'll be talking about is the Brown Recluse, which is very, very common throughout the U.S. And their colors are like an orange-yellow with a dark, violin shaped pattern throughout their body, and at the bases of their legs they have orange-yellow colored stripes and the rest of the leg is about a gray-brown color. And the next one that we'll be talking about is the Western Black Widow. The black widows, how you can tell them apart from male and female are the males are very elongated and have a white, kind of tummy or belly, abdomen. And the females have a more spherical abdomen with a hour-glass on the bottom of that. And, they like to hide underneath dark, you know, in dark places, and rocks and stuff like that. And can be very poisonous, so watch out. And that's it for the Midwest.


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