How to Attract Blue Jays

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Attract blue jays with peanuts, open platform feeders, mixed seeds, fruits, acorns and berries. Consider how aggressive blue jays can be before trying to attract them with information from a professional wildlife biologist and naturalist in this free video on bird watching.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Bo Brown, and we're here to talk about attracting blue jays, to your feeder. A lot of people ask, Why would you want to do that? Because they're fairly aggressive at the feeder, and they can predate other bird's nests, but they are very interesting birds to have around, they have some very interesting behaviors. They will imitate other hawks that are in the area, and they're very instrumental in spreading oak seed, acorns, so you can have an oak forest. Those and squirrels are the main way those seeds get disbursed. One of the best things to attract them is peanuts. They will also come to any kind of black oil, or mixed food mixes, that you want to put in there. They like the open platform feeders better than the enclosed feeders, as well. Acorns are their most preferred food, that they have in the wild, but they will eat a variety of fruits, nuts, some berries, and like hackberry, dogwood, just a lot of native plants that are in the area. They like all that kind of seeds, and fruits, and just anything like that.


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