What Is Tithing?

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Tithing refers to the giving of 10 percent, meaning that a person should give the first 10 percent to God. Find out how to help a church through tithing with help from an associate pastor in this free video on tithing.

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Video Transcript

So many people are misconstrued about what tithing really is but tithing simply means giving of 10%. Tithe means a tenth and that means the first 10% we give unto God. If somebody says well it's hard how can you give to God? God isn't real, he isn't here with us. Even though he may be real but there is no way to give to God. Well we give to God by bringing in to our local store house or to the church that we belong to. Some would say well then you are giving to church, you're not giving to God and so we fall over into all these different understandings of what it means but simply it means to give the first 10% to God and you do that by giving unto the church. Now the church has a responsibility to honor God with the funds that come in. Those funds are supposed to go to help the church continue to do what it has been put here on the Earth to do but what the church does with the money is completely out of the hands and no responsibility of the person that is giving. God has commanded us to tithe. Now some say well tithing is no longer relevant for today. That's not something that you need to do today because that is Old Testament. Is it really? Jesus said in the New Testament while he was talking in the gospels he was giving examples, he said when you tithe you do well. You tithe talking to the Pharisees he says in fact you tithe down right to the last penny, you're real good at doing that but he said you are neglecting the weightier matters of the law so he wasn't saying that tithing wasn't important. He in fact emphasized and talked about when you tithe in other words he was saying it is necessary you do good and you are supposed to tithe but don't neglect people, don't ignore me, follow after me and love people. So he was saying there are other things that need to be done but tithing is important or Jesus wouldn't have even mentioned it. It is for today.


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