Arguments on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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The controversy regarding embryo stem cell research stems from the fact that embryos have to be destroyed in order for stem cells to be extracted. Learn about both sides of the embryo stem cell argument with help from an associate pastor in this free video on stem cell research.

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Video Transcript

In talking about embryonic stem cell research, there are two sides to the argument of why this is happening and in those that are for and in those that are for against it. When you're talking about embryonic stem cell research, there are actually two forms of stem cells that they deal with; adult stem cells and then you have the, the embryonic stem cells. The, where the controversy really lies is not so much the fact that the stem cells are being used; but it's the techniques or how they go about getting them. See adult stem cells can usually be gotten from things like bone marrow; but no one has to, to be hurt in it. And where the argument lies is that, embryonic stem cells must be, the embryo must be destroyed and or some type of cloning has to take place. And so this is where the moral issue comes into play is that, is it okay to destroy a human embryo which many people believe is life. Is it okay to destroy human life for the so-called better good? Now those that are for the embryonic stem cells research would say, "Absolutely". We are simply destroying or, or taking that which is already going to be discarded anyway; you know and their, their argument is that these embryos are simply excess embryo from in vitro fertilization; those that were not going to be used. So they're simply using them trying to find new medical insight to help advance medicine and is simply overall design to help the overall way of life. But, you have to ask yourself, "Is that okay, is it okay to destroy human life to save, possibly save human life? See and so where the argument really exist is that people that don't consider embryo a human life. But embryos are human lives and they deserve the protection from her and the protection from harm just like we all do.


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