How to Firm the Neck & Throat With Facial Exercises

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Firm the neck and throat with facial exercises by putting the head back, looking over the shoulder and jutting out the bottom teeth. Practice facial exercises for three sets of 10 seconds each to tone the neck and throat with instructions from a beauty professional in this free video on facial firming.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jackie Silver, author of the book, "Aging Backwards, Secrets to Staying Young", with how to firm neck and throat with facial exercises. Now the guru of facial exercises is Cynthia Rowland and she has a program called Facial Magic which you can find at In it, she shows where all the muscles of your face are and how to tone them in just a few minutes a day. Now for your neck, I'm just going to show you one exercise and the way you would do it is you start with five seconds and you do one set of five seconds and then you go to ten seconds and do three more sets. So it's going to be one set of five seconds and three sets of ten seconds. You take a deep breath in between and only leave about ten to fifteen seconds in between the exercises. So here's one for your neck and throat. You put your head back and then you look over your shoulder and then jet out your bottom teeth and hold it. So the first time, I just held it for five seconds, then I would do three more sets and then I do the other side. So I put my head back, look over my shoulder and jet out my bottom teeth. Now you try it. I'm Jackie Silver; stay young.


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