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Hand techniques that come from ninjutsu are used for self-defense and turning the attack of another person into a counter attack. Find out how to approach a modern day attack in ninjutsu with help from an eighth-degree black belt in this free video on martial arts and ninjutsu.

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody I'm John Graden from the Martial Arts Teacher's Association. This is a really cool segment. Joining me is my friend, Senior Master Instructor, Mark Russo, from the Tampa Martial Arts. Center. Mark is the senior student, number one guy, under North America's Premiere Ninjutsu instructor, Steven Hayes. He is going to share with us some Ninjutsu hand techniques. O'kay we will take a look at a couple of the very very many limitless Ninjutsu hand techniques and helping me out today is my friend, fourth degree instructor, Scott Bragg. First we will take a look at a small thing we call tasin and this hand is coming in to grab me so remember we are doing self defense martial arts so I am talking to this person. I have a sense that something may be going to happen but I am not sure. I don't know that I am in a fight yet and then this hand reaches out maybe to push me backward or grab me. As that hand comes in by moving my body I am going to make contact first with my right and then cover with my left and I am in a position to issue a counter strike. So one more time, I'm here, by turning my body I make my first contact here, I cover and then I issue a counter strike over here and that's tasin. Another common basic hand technique is more of a retreating and then counter attack combination and this is called ookinagosh. We are looking at a modern day attack. A modern day attack is what we refer to as a door knocker kind of a hit so if Mr. Bragg were going to issue that kind of a hit it would look something like this and he is going to try to wrap those knuckles against the side of my head. As that happens I am going to move in a position where I actually counter strike the arm so with a torque from my lower body I'm counter striking very different from a block. So he is coming in here. I have got one counter strike, then two counter strikes and this is a basic ookinagash, ookinagash technique. Another very powerful hand technique is what we would call wedging. Wedging is when I do a very subtle redirection of an incoming attack and follow that with an immediate counter attack so another example of that might be this attacker decides to throw this lead punch right at my face here and I am going to move my body in a way that I use my right arm to create a wedging effect on the incoming attack so as this comes in to get me I slide in here and wedge. I might end up attacking an eye. I might end up attacking a neck here. I might go into some kind of a shoulder dislocation. So again this is a redirection and counter attack so sliding kind of a wedge here. My name is Mark Russo. I am the Senior Master Instructor at Tampa Quest Martial Arts.


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