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The exercise machine that is best for beginners is the lat pull-down machine, which should be set to 40 or 50 pounds for a first-timer, and 15 to 20 repetitions is recommended. Find the best exercise machine for first-time exercisers with advice from an AFAA-certified personal trainer in this free video on workouts.

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Video Transcript

Hey it's Shaun here at the Wilmington Boxing and Fitness Center. Today I'm going to talk to you about the best exercise machines for beginners. Here is one that is called a lat pull down machine and this is basically used for your back working your lats, your rhomboids and your traps. What you want to do starting out you want to sit down, adjust your weight to the weight that is best for you. Starting out, it is best to start out with about 40 pounds, 50 pounds, whatever weight that you are comfortable with and you want to do that about 15 to 20 repetitions, maybe two sets or three sets starting out. So first you are going to sit down, you want to get your knees adjusted right up underneath it, get your feet adjusted, reach up and grab the bar, keep your feet nice and firm and planted, lean back a little bit and what you would want to do is bring this bar down to the tops of your chest to your sternum and you want to squeeze and you want to come back up. This exercise here is good for someone starting out just trying to build their back, build their lats up and it is going to build that back strength for them and another exercise machine also to do to do your tricep press downs or you can do maybe your benching or your leg press but this is the number one best exercise machine to use.


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