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Fixing an Xbox 360 individually is not recommended unless a person has an extensive knowledge of electronics because a novice can create additional problems when trying to make repairs. Find out about the advantages of a local service center for Xbox 360 repairs with help from a computer engineer in this free video on Xbox 360 repairs and maintenance.

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Hi my name's Dave from Singh Technologies and we're going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of fixing you Xbox yourself versus a local company fixing your Xbox or sending it to Microsoft. First off, fixing an Xbox yourself is something not for any novice person when it comes to electronics. I don't recommend it. It can actually cause more problems, even a fire if you do it wrong, but if you are confident that you can do it, you can search out on the net and get the parts that you need to repair your own Xbox. It is time consuming, especially your first time through. So that would be one disadvantage to doing it yourself, besides actually burning up your Xbox 360. Second, your local service center has a few more advantages than the other two options that you have. Your local service center, it might cost you a little more money to get it done, you will have a local warranty, which means if anything goes wrong you can take it right back to them. They can do customizations usually, where Xbox or Microsoft will not do a customization to your Xbox. And length of time in for service. Generally, if you're doing it yourself it's going to take a long time. Your Xbox is going to be down because you haven't worked on it before. If you send it off to Microsoft, you're going to be without your Xbox for at least six weeks. Sometimes a whole lot longer than that. I've heard as long as four months. So there's advantages to Microsoft too because it's still under warranty. It's not going to cost you anything except for shipping. And you're guaranteed a working unit coming back, or at least a replacement of that unit. With the local company if it is unfixable, you're done because you've already voided the warranty because it's not Microsoft working on it. They will have to void the warranty tag on it to open it up. But I personally would rather go to a local company that way if something goes wrong I can have somebody that I can actually talk to about it. Instead of contacting Microsoft and getting the 50th wrong person.


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