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Most Xbox 360 repair parts or accessories can be obtained from the Internet through a simple search on a Web browser. Find out how to chip in an Xbox 360 DVD drive is matched to the motherboard with help from a computer engineer in this free video on Xbox 360 repairs and maintenance.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Dave from Singh Technologies and I'm going to talk about getting some of the accessories for the X-Box 360. Most of the accessories that you can get are available pretty much anywhere on the web so if you go on your browser or favorite search engines you can find these out but some of the items I don't know if you are looking for a new DVD drive, a lot of people don't know that the DVD drive has an actual chip in it that is matched to the chip on the motherboard of the Xbox 360 meaning that if you go buy a replacement DVD drive you actually have to take the circuit board out of your DVD drive and put it in the new one so the serial numbers match or else when you put a game in it will say you need to install an Xbox 360 game every single time. If you see that the serial numbers don't match. The cooling kits that you can get for the Xbox 360, there's a couple different ones, the watering cooling kit is an expensive alternative but you are pretty much guaranteed you won't get the red ring after installing a water cooling kit. It is noisy and it has a big fan on it and you have to actually watch the water levels, they will evaporate and it's kind of messy. So it just depends on what you like. Also there are plug in kits that plug in the back of the Xbox 360 that have two fans on them and they plug into the power port on the Xbox 360. I do not recommend those because it is taking the power away from the mother board. Usually what happen is if you buy those kits and you get into a very intense area where a lot of graphics are used, the fans are pulling power, the game is pulling power, the system is pulling power. What happens is the game usually locks up. If you take the fans back off you can play through that part no problem at all. My recommendation for cooling is make sure that the Xbox 360 is out in the open and it has some kind of external fan blowing on it. That will extend the life of it. Not necessary, but it does extend the life. You can buy extra hard drives, bigger hard drives, same thing with the hard drive it has a serial number in it that has to match the motherboard of the Xbox 360 so if you are not familiar with flashing firmware I don't recommend this as a novice upgrade. Most of the accessories that I buy for myself and recommend to my customers that they are interested in I just ask them to go out to their favorite browser or to e-bay and search out where the best place to buy it at the best price. A lot of times e-bay is the best place to find the accessories.


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