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Drawing a house involves laying out the basic construction, using simple shapes like squares and triangles to indicate the frame, door, windows, roof and chimney. Draw a simple one-dimensional house with art instruction from a professional cartoonist in this free video on drawing lessons.

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Video Transcript

Hi, Joel Hickerson, Today, we're going to learn how to draw a simple house. The first thing you want to do is you want to draw... Well, you want to determine if your house is going to be horizontal or vertical. This one will be a horizontal house, and we're going to start with a very basic element is a square. So you start with your square line. Come in and draw very lightly. These are our construction elements, so we're going to come back and erase the lines we don't need. Just a simple square there. You pick a point in the center, and bring down the pitch of your roof, which is basically just a triangle on top of your square. The center of the square, we'll put our door, which is a rectangle. Two squares on either side of the door. Maybe a cross in the middle of the squares. And there we have our windows. Do a little circle for our doorknob. And right there, we have our basic construction elements for just a one-dimensional simple house. We can come back up and do an attic louver. Do your little things to make this house look a little bit more like a house. You can extend your roof and make a chimney, maybe, which is another square that's just cut off by the angle of the roof. If you want to go and get as complicated as bricks, do your side lines. You could even make a little smoke coming out of the chimney. Maybe some shrubbery. If you do want a...maybe a sidewalk coming out of your house, you could do a one-point perspective where it starts at the door and arcs out just a little bit. Maybe some flowers on the shrubs. Cloud in the background. And there you have your simple house. Now, you can come back with a marker and fill in the...just the lines that you need. Or thicken up the lines in pencil before you choose to color it. And that's how you draw a simple house.


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