How Does Exercise Affect Longevity?

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Exercise affects longevity in a very direct way, in that the more a person exercises, the more likely they are to live a longer, healthier life. Make a lifestyle change, and get committed to an exercise program with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video on fitness and exercises.

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Video Transcript

What we're here to talk about is how exercising affects longevity. Now everyone, as you get older, you know our bodies start to break down and everything becomes more and more difficult. You know, it becomes a bigger and bigger challenge to fight off and burn off extra body weight. We start to store, for men we start to store in the belly, you get the typical beer gut, you know from eating all these fatty foods, eating a lot of carbs, having an improper diet or an imbalance in your hormonal system. Now for women, it tends to store right here, we get the pear affect. You get it in the belly, in the breast and the hips and the thighs and a little bit in the jiggle in the arms. Now exercising to affect longevity you know, if you want to live longer you gotta start exercising. You know the sooner you start the better off you are. The biggest challenge with exercising is it's a lifestyle change. It's a commitment that you make to yourself that no one else is going to follow up on. No one else has an invested interest in your success of your health or your exercising regime, other than yourself. You know, no one else cares but you. So if you're going to change to an active healthy lifestyle, the most important thing to do is get yourself moving, get yourself, get your butt off the couch, get active, get outside. Anyway that you can incorporate exercise in to your life, you're going to be adding years on at the end. You know, if you're overweight, if you're overweight right now, the best time to start is now. To say no, drive by the drive through, you know go get a healthy alternative, have a balanced diet, you know and a couple of hours of exercise a day, even a couple hours of movement where you're just keeping your body actively moving around, will drastically increase your longevity. You'll live so much longer, you'll feel so much better. You know, who wants to live and be miserable? You know, if you have the opportunity to get yourself up and active and moving, you're body's capable of doing it, do the best you can, do it on a regular basis and make that commitment, make that change.


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