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When doing stair climbing exercises, it can be fun to make things challenging by setting a time to be beat. Elevate the heart rate, and build leg strength through stair climbing exercises with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video on fitness and exercises.

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Video Transcript

One of the most common exercises in the gym that people do are stair climbing exercises as I am demonstrating just running up a simple set of stairs, you can go to your local library you can go to a school anything. Go pick a set of stairs, jog up it, go up and down several times, time yourself you know give yourself a challenge say, run up it the first time and see how long it takes you and then time yourself from that point and try and beat that time the second time, a couple different exercises you can do on the stairs for example the step climber at gym, for example set it at different interval training you know go as fast as you can for a certain period of time, increase there is a rotating escalator stairs that most gyms have and on that just increase the level. Do a short sprint for about fifteen seconds or so and then let it go from there you know slow it down and then go back into that sprint again you know. The harder you challenge yourself doing the stair climber is one of the best exercises in terms of elevating you heart rate in terms of over all conditions of your body you know really building up your leg strength walking up the flight of stairs one of the best things you can do and if you do not have access to a gym like I said you know in your lunch break at work, find a stair case, do the best you can just go up and down, couple sets couple times go for a walk during your lunch break whatever you can do to incorporate this exercise into your daily life you will be much better off in the long run.


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