How Does Broadband Work?

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There are many types of broadband connections, including DSL, which is connected through phone lines, or similar services that come through the cable connection for a television. Learn about satellite broadband connections as well with help from a Web designer in this free video on broadband Internet.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Noah and I'm going to explain how Broadband works. The thing with Broadband are that there are lots of different types of Broadband connections but generally speaking we refer to a Broadband connection as something that is faster than a traditional dial up internet connection using a 56 k modem. Dial up connections are basically for your standard phone line, just connecting the phone line directly to the computer but then in Broadband connections you have something called DSL which is also for the phone line but this uses a special DSL mode which is then connected to your computer through an ethernet cable or USB cable. So that's one type of Broadband called DSL through the phone lines but then there is also a very similar type called cable which basically runs through your TV cable and you plug in a very similar looking cable to a modem which is also connected to your computer through ethernet or USB. Then finally you can also have a satellite connection. Satellite connections are kind of special because sometimes you can have a one way satellite connection meaning you receive information through satellite but you still send information through your phone line or you can have a two way satellite connection where you can also transmit back to the satellite. Finally there is now a new kind of Broadband connection which is provided by cell phone service companies which is basically called a 3G connection. This means that you can connect to the internet the same way a mobile phone would. This is usually a good solution because it offers connectivity to the internet anywhere you are pretty much and as opposed to satellite connections it is not affected so much by the weather.


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