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Router bits come in many different types, and each bit is used to make different cuts in a board. Use a flush trim bit with a wood router to duplicate a pattern with help from a furniture-making student in this free video on woodworking and wood routers.

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Now I'm going to talk about a couple different types of router bits. One of them puts a cove on the edge of a board, we have a half round, one that puts a rabbit in to the board like if you're making picture frames, flush trim bit for running over a pattern, and then a forty five degree chamfer bit. This is a flush trim bit. This is used when you have a pattern and then you have another piece of wood that you want to duplicate the profile. The bearing that you see here rolls along one surface, flush trimming the board that you have attached to your profile, and it cuts them to where they're identical. The next is this half round bit that puts a curve on the edge of your wood. They come in different radiuses. You can get sixteenth, eighth inch, quarter inch all the way up to whatever, you know they make them in to two inch diameters, all different kinds of radiuses. The next bit is this one here. This puts a cove on the edge of a board which is a inward curving, also comes in various radiuses. This bit here applies a rabbit to the edge of a board, which is basically a little shelf that gets added in to the edge of the board. Like if you're making a picture frame, this would be the back of the picture frame for the glass to set in. Last one we're talking about, is this one here, this puts a chamfer on the edge of a board, this one is a forty five degree angle.


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