Causes of Cellulite

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Cellulite is simply caused by body fat that has a dimpled appearance, and it seems to be found more in women than men. Find out how cellulite is related to a lack of muscle mass with help from a certified sports performance nutrition adviser in this free video on fitness and exercise.

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Hi, I'm Ashleigh Gass, certified strength and conditioning specialist with So just what are the causes of cellulite? Well cellulite is simply body fat that has a dimpled appearance and seems to appear in woman more than men. Because of this it's thought to have a hormonal component to it as well. However in my experience with clients and myself, the less muscle mass you have relative to body fat the more cellulite you might develop. So just what do you do about it? Well you got to start strength training and cleaning up your diet. You got to start strength training because muscle mass has got to increase and changing your diet will help decrease body fat in general. So how do you improve your diet? First of all get rid of all your processed package junk foods that do well in a box for over a year and replace that slowly with fruits and vegetables, preferably organic. Also eat more healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado, flax oil and olive oil. Fish oil is also particularly important. So to sum, if you're concerned about body fat and the appearance of cellulite make sure that you start strength training, and that you clean up your diet. In order to start strength training go to your local gym and find as qualified and certified personal trainer that can help you put together a program that's most appropriate for you. I'm also available for distance coaching and you can reach me at I'm Ashleigh Gass.


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