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Gateway laptops can overheat when an excess of dust collects on the vents, preventing the processor fan from doing its job. Use compressed air to blow dust out of a computer vent with information from the CEO of a computer and video service company in this free video on computers.

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Hi, my name is Roger. I'm with R-Tech Computers. The question I was asked is "why is my Gateway laptop overheating?" The most common thing that causes a laptop to overheat is,believe it or not, dust. There's as you know fans in your laptop and the fans are designed to blow air out keeping the laptop cool which is great. The air has to come in from somewhere to fill the the void that's left behind there are usually vents for that. These vents tend to collect dust. The dust tends to travel through the vents into the heat sinks. Now heat sinks are used to dissipate the heat. They're usually right below the fan in a effort to act as additional cooling. The problem becomes when you get a lot of dust in there, it actually acts as an insulator. Instead of cooling your system it actually causes it to overheat. Over time, you notice your screen gets dusty. You can only imagine what the inside looks like. My recommendation is to find somebody that's got an air compressor and just periodically blow out the vents. That will usually fix the problem. You can also check to see if your fans are working. If there's a fan that's not spinning then the fan would need to be replaced. You may not want to replace it yourself unless your very savvy with taking things apart and putting them back together. Most these notebooks don't come apart very easily. Feel free to call us at eight one eight three four seven eleven-hundred. If you need help getting your laptop repaired.


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