How to Send a Fax From the U.K. to the U.S.A.

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Send a fax from the U.K. to the U.S.A. by putting the papers in the fax machine, dialing the country code and number of the recipient, and waiting for the fax machine to find a free line. Find out how a fax machine will indicate whether the fax is going through with information from a marketing and sales manager in this free video on faxes.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Mark, and I'm going to talk to you about how we can send a fax from the U.K. to the United States. Sending a fax is basically sending a paper document through a telecommunications process. The fax will be sent from the host to the recipient, and that piece of paper will be facsimiled or copied and the recipient will receive via their own paper print out a copy of that document. Now, one thing you should remember is a fax document is actually a legal document because if I sign something in the U.K. and send it through to America, my original signature will be copied and it will be used and it can be used as a legal document. So you should be aware of that. Now, back to the sending of the fax. What I would do is put my piece of paper into the fax machine, make sure the tone click is activated to ensure that the paper is in the right position. I will then make sure that on my piece of paper, there's usually a cover sheet, and on that cover sheet, it says, "To..." -- so the person you're sending it to in America, from me, in the U.K. And maybe there's even a subject heading so you can say, information about something. The cover sheet is usually a good tester to see that the actual fax is going through as the paper is fed through to the machine. We have the fax copy and then we have the main documents themselves, which can be 20 pages, five pages, it depends -- whatever it is you want to send. We put them into the machine and we dial the code of the recipient, like a telephone number. So for example, if I'm calling from the U.K. to America, I will dial 001 and then the local...the local STD code and then the number. So for example, 001 for America, 212 for New York, and then 123456. Press, and the fax machine will kick in and it will indicate whether or not it's actually going through. But the first thing it will do is test that the other line is engaged or is free. So whether or we make a normal phone call, is somebody on the other end of the phone or is it free? If it's free, then the fax will connect with the...with the recipient fax in America, and then providing the line is free, and the facsimile will go through. And within a minute or two minutes, your contact in America will receive your message.


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