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To play the stock market, be very careful about researching companies before investing, decide whether to invest short-term or long-term, and consult a stock professional for help. Make stock market decisions, and stick with them to be successful, with advice from a financial analyst in this free video on the stock market.

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Video Transcript

Greed is such a wonderful thing. Hi this is Roger Groh with Groh Asset and make no mistake about it, the only reason that you or me or anyone else is buying stock is to make money. Well how can you take advantage of that? Well first of all you want to be very careful because once you wade into the stock market, you're competing against very seasoned, very smart folks who want to take your money. It is playing poker where you are really on the short end of the stick. So you need to be very careful about as you begin to make investments. OK, so how can you do it? Well, there are any number of ways. You can buy a company and think that they're going to increase revenue regularly over long periods of time and buy and hold stocks. That works pretty well usually. You can trade stocks meaning that you buy something and you're looking for a move up or down after which you would exit and then take the profit. That works too. Or maybe you're doing in commodities or bonds or another tool. And again, they work also. The key is though, you have to stick with what you do. Meaning if you're going to be a long term investor, stick with it. If you're going to be a short timer, stick with it. If you're going to be in commodities, stick with it. Generally if you stick with it, you'll do pretty well over a long period of time. If you jump from what's hot today to something that's hot tomorrow, then generally you don't make money. So that's a little bit how to play. Contact your stock professional, either your stockbroker or a discount firm for help. Be very careful, it's your money, practice before you play. I'm Roger Groh with Groh Asset and thank you for spending time with me.


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