How to Upgrade RAM Yourself

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Upgrade computer RAM yourself by determining what type of RAM the motherboard can take, purchasing the correct type of RAM, removing the old RAM cards and gently inserting the new RAM into the correct slots. Be sure to unplug the computer completely before upgrading RAM with advice from a Web designer and computer specialist in this free video on computer hardware.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Noah. And today I'm going to tell you how you can upgrade RAM yourself. RAM is virtual memory which is basically used by your computer for short term operations. As opposed to your hard drive. Which is used to store data on a long tern basis. So upgrading your RAM can make your computer perform much faster. To find out how much RAM you have, just go to Start and then Control Panel. Now just double click on the System icon. Here on the bottom, it will tell you what the processor is. And how much RAM you have. You have two Gigabytes. Now if you're looking to buy additional RAM, though. This information won't be enough. Because there are several different types of RAM. And you'll need to find out which type is right for you. For this, you can go to with your web browser. And run the systems scan. Which will tell you, what kind of memory you have. And what kind of memory your Motherboard will be able to take. If you buy a new one. Once you finish the scan. It will tell you your current system configuration. With how much RAM you have in each slot. And if you go below, you can see exactly what kind of memory can be held by your Motherboard. Here it's DDR PC 2700or DDR PC 3200. So if you're going to buy additional RAM. Make sure that it fits the correct type. will even let you order the recommended RAM. Right from their website in the scan results. So this is often the easiest way to proceed. But you can buy it from pretty much any on-line store. Or any physical store in your neighborhood. Once you've purchased your RAM. You'll need to insert it into your computer. But first, before touching the inside of your computer. Make sure you unplug it completely. Now to remove one of your old RAM cards. Simply un-clip the white clippings that the end. By pulling them away from the card. Then gently pull on it to remove. Now take your newly purchased RAM. And insert it into your empty slot. To do this, gently push the card into the slot. While bringing the white clippings back into place towards the RAM card.


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