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Shipping dogs via plane travel can be quite traumatic for them, but having a veterinary exam within 10 days of travel, knowing the environmental conditions on the plane and keeping the dog in a secured create or kennel are mandatory steps. Consider giving a dog a sedative before they travel on a plane with helpful information from an experienced veterinarian in this free video on pet health.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about how to ship a dog, and what we're typically talking about is plane travel for dogs. So, the first thing you've got to know is where is this pet going? In in most states they have to have a health certificate within ten days typically, which is a veterinarian needs to exam them and deem them free of disease before they fly to another state; especially another country, and so always know where they're going cause' you'll need that information. Secondly, what is the weather like during that time of year? That is, on a plane are they going to be too cold if they're in the cargo bay or somethin' like that, so always know what the conditions are as well. So next, what we're going to talk about is security. To ship a dog you have to have some sort of secure item like a crate. These plastic crates with metal doors usually work pretty well. Some of them will actually have locks on the door which is not a bad idea; cause dogs are very tenacious sometimes. Travel like that; shipping can be very stressful, and so these dogs can start chewing on the sides or chewing on the front, and so you just want to make sure this is a secure type of crate that they can go in and that they're going to be safe. You want it to be big enough where they can turn around in, but not huge, and not too small either. Because travel can be so stressful, or shipping can be so stressful the other thing you want to know is check with your veterinary clinic. They may prescribe something such as Acepromezine which is a sedative. Sedatives are very useful on shipping or traveling animals because it can be very stressful. They don't know what's going on and that can lead to them hurting themselves, and so sedating the pet before travel is a great thing to do for most of em' unless they have diseases or something like that, but check with your veterinary clinic. So, security is is a huge issue; sedation as well, and always know where they're going.


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