Feline Herpes Symptoms

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The symptoms of feline herpes include upper airway distress, nasal discharge, sneezing, ocular discharge, fever, loss of appetite and herpetic ulcers. Identify the symptoms of feline herpes, which is highly transmissible between animals, with helpful information from an experienced veterinarian in this free video on pet health.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about herpes virus in cats. This is extremely common, especially among strays and it's seen quite commonly in litters of kittens and kittens that go into shelters. It's highly transmissible. It is a virus that can lay dormant and come back during times of stress. So it can be a chronic intermittent type of problem as well. This is a virus that typically causes upper airway disease. It causes nasal discharge, sneezing, ocular discharge or eye discharge, sometimes these cats have fevers, they're not eating because they're congested, they feel quite terrible. The other thing that this virus is commonly associated with are herpetic ulcers or herpes ulcers in the eyes. Those ulcers can sometimes be quite severe, there can be lots of secondary infection around those eyes and they can be kind of difficult to treat sometimes until the body will settle down and the immune system will start dealing with the virus. And so if you're concerned that your cat has an upper respiratory virus of any type, definitely check with your veterinary clinic they can work you through this. But herpes viruses are very common, they're everywhere and very commonly kittens who are immunosuppressed are going to come down with this very easily because generally a stray mother could be a carrier and therefore they can be lifelong intermittent carriers or they are carriers but they could be lifelong intermittent activity of this virus causing occasional upper respiratory disease.


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