How to Create an Online Web Site

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The first step in creating an online Web site is to get some hosting for the Web site, as a host gives a person space on the Internet for uploading files. Learn about activating a domain account and uploading files to a Web site with help from a software developer in this free video on Web site creation.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Dave Andrews, today I'm going to show you how to create an online web site. Let's go to our computer and I'm going to show you first how to get some hosting for your web site which is the very first step. Just click on start, let's open up our Internet browser and you are going to first find a host for your web site. Basically a host gives you space on the Internet where you can upload files and the web pages that you go to on the Internet are nothing but you downloading files from the host. So let's go to Google dot com and what we are going to search for is web site hosting. Now you are going to get a lot of results from this and a bunch of different services all for hosting and different prices. You just kind of skim through these results and find one that you feel comfortable with. One I would suggest that you go with is the one that I use and that is bananic dot com, b a n a n i c almost like banana but it ends in ic dot com. They are very affordable as you can see and they offer a one ninety nine a month plan for hosting. Now after you get your hosting set up and your domain account activated in your name, I'm going to show you how to upload files to your new web site. Just open up my computer, type in ftp and then the name of your website. Now your web host might give you a different address to connect to but in my case it's just ftp colon slash slash and then the actual name of my web site. You get log in credentials here and I'm now going to type in my credentials. After you type in your credentials you'll be logged in to where you can actually see and modify the files that are on your website. I have a lot here already but yours will probably be fairly empty. Now what we want to do is ftp up a document basically for our web site. I've got one created if we go to documents, and here's welcome to my site dot htm, if I open that up, I just have a little web page here it says welcome to my site and a bunch of different text. So what I'm going to do to get that on the web page is I'm going to copy from my local hard drive, just paste onto my server. That uploads that file. So now if I go to my website browser I'm going to try to open up that page, welcome to my site and there's a space there dot htm. There's my web page actually on Dave Andrews dot org. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just showed you how to create an online web site.


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