How to Remove Spyware

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Remove spyware by downloading the "Spybot Search and Destroy" program, running the program, looking at the temporary files that are found and deciding whether to delete or keep different spyware files. Use the Spybot wizard to run updates on the program with tips from a computer programmer in this free video on computer spyware.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Dave Andrew. Today I'm going to show you how to remove spyware. We're going to use a program called Spybot which I've found as the best program on the Internet for removing spyware. So let's go to our computer. We're first going to download it by clicking our start button, going to the Internet. Let's go to Google, just do a search for SpyboT, S P Y B O T. Now it's going to return a lot of values but the one you're looking for is the home of Spybot, click on that. And then click on download and from these links here you can download and install the program called Spybot. Now I already have it installed so I'm going to go ahead and run it. Just going to find in our start menu Spybot Search and Destroy. Now it's telling you that it's found a lot of temporary files and it wants to know if you want to remove those. I'm just going to go ahead and say no but generally you can say yes and it will be OK. Now since is the first install of my program, it's going to ask me to go through this wizard. You can run updates from here, but I'm just going to click on start using the program. This is the main screen, click on Search and Destroy and then click check for problems. This is going to scan your entire computer and if it comes up with spyware that it's found, it'll give you the option for removing them. It's that easy to search your computer for spyware and to remove it. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just showed you how to remove spyware from your computer.


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