How to Repair a Windows Vista VPN Failure

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Repair a Windows Vista VPN, or virtual private network failure by making sure the user name, password and domain are correct, checking that the Internet connection is open to a VPN and looking at the settings of the wireless router. Make sure the Internet connection is strong to connect to a VPN with advice from a network engineer and IT specialist in this free video on Microsoft Windows Vista.

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Video Transcript

A virtual private network in Vista is actually just like any other virtual private network or VPN. It's a network tunnel to whatever network that you're trying to connect to. Generally, in most users cases, you're at home and you're trying to connect to the network at work. So, what you need to realize is that the VPN is actually just a tunnel to that other network. So, if there are any issues with it, it's going to not be resolved on the client side, your side. It's going to be resolved on the business side. So, basically what you want to check, if you're troubleshooting any type of VPN issues on Vista, you're going to make sure that your user name is correct, not just your user name password, but also the domain in which you're authenticating to, which is also on the business side. So if I were connecting to, you'd type in my name, Joey Brakefield, my password and the domain, So, you want to make sure that all those fields are in there. Also want to make sure that you're net... your Internet connection is open to a VPN. Sometimes, routers like ones that you buy at Best Buy or at Walmart or anywhere really have rules set in there to disallow the VPNs because that's a way a hacker can get in, so you also want to take a look at the settings of your wireless router or router. And make sure also your ISP is not blocking any VPNs. Generally, they wouldn't, but sometimes some regional ISPs of service providers can block that. And generally your big names like Comcast won't do that. Generally, those are the main issues. Also, when you're on a wireless connection, if there's a temporary drop in Internet connection, you're VPN will drop out as well. So you also want to make sure that your wireless connection is good and strong.


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