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Put Windows Vista on a PSP by downloading the application for a reputable download site, dragging the files onto a PSP that is plugged into a computer and using the PSPs integrated browser to load Vista on the PSP. Find out how putting Vista on a PSP will not include all the functions of Vista with information from a network engineer and IT specialist in this free video on Microsoft Windows Vista.

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Video Transcript

So, you can load Vista on your PSP, but what I want you to keep in mind, is that the PSP is not a fully functioning computer, so a lot of the applications that you would normally find on a normal Windows operating environment, won't be on the PSP's. There is a limited version of Vista, and it's not actually Vista that you're loading onto the PSP, so to do this, you would go to a website,, or CNET, and download this file. This file has some files that you would drag on to the PSP, once you connect it to your computer. First, before you drag the actual file itself, you extract the files contents onto your desktop computer, and then drag the contents of the file, over to the PSP. Once it's on the PSP, you'll then use the PSP's integrated browser, to point to the files that you loaded onto the PSP, from your desktop. Once that is loaded on, it will then load up a Windows Vista Splash Screen, which is basically just making it look like you're booting up the PC, and then you'll have a couple of programs, like Internet Explorer, and Solitaire, and things like that, that you would find on your desktop PC, on the PSP itself, so it's not actually Vista, it's actually just like a skin, that you're putting on your PSP.


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