How to Rack 9-Ball

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To rack a game of nine-ball, use balls one through nine, place the one at the front, place the nine-ball in the center, and create a diamond shape with the rest of the balls. Rack nine-ball according to tournament rules with information from an experienced billiards player in this free video on recreational sports.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Joe at the Break Time Billiards, Wilmington, North Carolina. And today, we're going to talk about how to rack nine ball. Nine ball's played with nine balls, and when you rack them, you put the one in the front and nine in the center. And some tournaments require that you put the two ball at the back. You will go ahead and push the balls forward by taking your hands, placing them in the holes that are left in the rack, and push forward with your thumbs using your hands to hold the back two balls. Once you've got the ball over the spot, you then can take and remove the rack and you have a rack of nine balls. Now, some tournaments play to where you have to rack the nine over the spot. In that case, you would push it forward to this position with the nine on the spot, and that would be the rack that you have. So a lot of times, as to where you put them in relation to the spot and where you put the two ball is determined by what particular tournament you're playing in. But the general rule is the one in the front, the nine in the middle, put the one on the spot, take your rack away, you're ready to play.


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