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Heart healthy diet recipes can be found on a number of Web sites, including the American Heart Association's Web site. Discover how salmon can be used as part of a heart healthy diet with help from a registered and licensed dietitian in this free video on healthy eating and nutrition.

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My name is Christine Marquette and I'm a registered and licensed dietitian with Marquette Nutrition and Fitness and I've been asked about heart healthy recipes. There's a lot of different websites you can go to for heart healthy recipes, The American Heart Association for example. Their website AmericanHeart.org , they have quite a few different recipes for a variety of categories. One recipe in particular that I like is for salmon. This is a really easy recipe. You basically, depending on how many people you need to serve, that will dictate what size piece of salmon that you purchase at the store. Basically it can be cut to four ounces per person when the salmon is actually raw. And what you use in this particular recipe besides the salmon, you're going to use olive oil, you're also going to use lemon juice, you're going to use capers, a little bit of pepper, a little bit of basil as well. And this particular recipe, you could either cook it in the over or you can cook it outside on the grill. All you need to do is brush your salmon with the olive oil, you're going to actually use the lemon juice, the pepper and the basil as a marinade. You will mix this up in a bowl and actually let the salmon marinate in it for about thirty minutes. Once it has marinated you're going to put it either in the oven at three fifty or out on the grill under medium heat, and you're going to cook it for about eight to ten minutes per one inch thickness of the salmon. Now this particular recipe again is very heart healthy because you're getting those omega three fats from the salmon, you're also getting some mono-unsaturated fat from the olive oil. In addition, there isn't any added salt in this recipe. So it's a low sodium recipe as well. So it has all of the basic tenets for a heart healthy recipe in that it doesn't have saturated fat in it, or it has very very little, it doesn't have any trans fat either. The only fat that it has is the healthy unsaturated fat from the omega threes and from the mono-unsaturated fat. It also doesn't have any added sodium so it's a very low sodium particular recipe, so very heart healthy. Again, this is one of my favorites but for others you can go to the American Heart Association's website.


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