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The most sought-after baseball autographs come from the most popular players, such as Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio or modern players like Albert Pujols. Learn about autograph authentication when buying autographs online with help from the owner of a card trading store in this free video on autograph collecting.

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I'm Walt Case. I own Card Traders of Austin in Austin, Texas. We've been in business for approximately 14 years, and we sell a variety of sports cards and sports memorabilia. We frequently get asked, "If I'm collecting autographs, what's the most sought-after autograph that I could possibly go after?" Obviously, the more famous the player, probably the more popular and the more expensive the autograph. Of some of the more modern-day players, players like Mickey Mantle is a sought-after autograph. Another one would be Joe DiMaggio. These players were extremely popular in their day, and they are also deceased, which means there aren't going to be any more autographs of these players. What's out there is what's out there, and that's it. In terms of modern day players, you probably want to look at some of the superstars like Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols. Some of the players today that are putting up to big numbers and have become very, very popular. You will also find that the autographs of some of the newer players like Rodriguez and Jeter and Pujols are very, very expensive. Most of the time, they have to be obtained not in person. Those guys are very difficult to get to sign in person, and they very rarely do any card shows. So you have to buy those through dealers in your local hobby shops, sometimes online. If you're buying online, make sure that the autograph is authenticated, preferably by a company in California called PSA. They are one of the leaders in the industry in authenticating autographs. Now, if you really want to get some unusual autographs and autographs that may be really sought out, you have to go back into the Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb era. Most of the autographs that you're going to find there might be on baseballs, but most of them are what we call cut signatures, where they have a document such as a check or a letter that has been signed by those athletes and they cut that out and then they embed that either in a card or with a photo, and those autographs can be very, very expensive. One of the more modern day players whose autograph is also very sought-after and very expensive is Roger Maris. Roger Maris was almost a recluse. He did not like to be in the public eye, and signed very, very little in terms of autograph memorabilia. So that's another one that you can certainly look for, but is also going to be quite expensive.


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