How to Become a Fashion Journalist

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In order to become a fashion journalist, a person must have expertise in both journalism and the fashion industry. Discover why most fashion journalists have to work for national publications or Web sites with help from a journalism professor in this free video on careers in journalism.

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Video Transcript

So how to become a fashion journalist. Well you are going to have to have expertise both in journalism and in fashion and that's going to be tough. First of all you are going to have to understand how the fashion industry works. That's going to take probably some training in fashion or maybe some experience or ideally both. It is much more than just jetting off to Paris to cover the latest fashion show. I guess that would be the fun side of the of the business. But you are going to have to also understand other aspects of the fashion industry, production, design, marketing, and this is difficult knowledge to acquire, it is going to take some time. In addition to that you are going to have to have that training in journalism, probably that Bachelor's Degree in journalism or at least some Bachelor's Degree in something related to journalism. That is to be a fashion journalist in the conventional media. You should also know that when you specialize in journals like that you are really going to be limiting yourself. If you think about for example your local newspaper, assuming you live in a small to medium sized town the local newspaper isn't going to hire a fashion journalist. There is not the audience available locally to support that. Fashion journalism is going to require a national audience. That means you are going to have to work for some kind of a national publication or website and you're probably not going to jump right into that job either. You are going to have to begin by freelancing perhaps for some of the lesser known fashion publications or websites and then sort of work your way up to something like Vogue or El or the fashion section of the New York Times but these aren't jobs you just jump right into. This is something you have to work at for a while. So that's fashion reporting for the typical media, the mainstream media. Again with the internet there are, anybody can become a journalist in the sense or anybody can put out their own kind of publication. So if you have enough fashion knowledge to attract an audience on line to your website then you can probably find a way to make a career out of that and begin making some money.


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