How to Start a Small Service Business

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Starting up a small service business is best done out of the house, but other supplies are also required, such as an Internet connection, e-mail addresses, stationery, business cards and a business bank account. Organize the necessary tools for starting up a business with help from a management teacher in this free video on business.

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Hi, I'm Mark and I'm going to help you with your small service startup. I think, really, what you need to consider is what you want to do, first of all. So let's just take that aside. The most important thing is how you're going to do it. And if you're going to do it effectively, working from home is something you should really consider. Obviously, you need to consider whether you can work at home in terms of time, interruption, family issues, et cetera. But if you can and you can work undisturbed, then what do you need? You need the tools for the job. You need an Internet connection. That means you need a computer so you can surf and find information. You need to have an email address so, in other words, people can communicate with you. And it would be a very good idea that you had a telephone. And you can even use Skype today, which means that you can make your phone calls for free anywhere around the world. Obviously, you need a mobile phone. If you're on the road, you need someone to be able to communicate with you. Stationary, business cards. But all of these things, really, fundamentally from traditional businesses now actually can be achieved online. So you can bank online. You can set up payment and payment accounts online, like PayPal, where a customer can pay you online and you can, obviously, pay for services online. You can go to market like eBay, and you can trade online, whereas before you might have to do it physically. You could operate many services where you're actually facilitating a business or an operation for somebody else, but online. Maybe you want to consider doing some form of online tutorials. There's all kinds of work you can do where, historically, you had to be outside. Now, you can do it from home can make money without having to actually leave your home. So lots of opportunities out there. Just go online and investigate them. Good luck. One thing you should seriously consider, though, when you are looking at business opportunities -- and there are lots of them online -- is that some of them are fraudulent. Some of them are going to take money from you and give you nothing in return. Be very aware of always, I'm sure, even in the older days before the Internet, make money quick, make dollars, make pounds, make whatever currency in no time at all. You know, really, a lot of these are scams or cons, and you really need to consider quite carefully what you're getting yourself into. So just as a word of advice and caution, look carefully at the things that are interesting to you.


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