How to Build a Robot Out of a Box

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To build a robot out of a box, use several different sizes, a good pair of scissors, some glue and spray paint to construct a life-size automatron. Add plastic accents to a box to make it look like a robot with information from a computer graphics artist in this free video on robots.

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I'm John P. Funk, with the CozmicFunk Studio and we're going to talk about how to build a robot out of a box. As we see here, we have a full robot, life size robot, made out of many boxes. But you do start with one box and I can recommend going to your local grocery store and obtaining some boxes such as we have here. You can three or four of these boxes to start with and you'll need a good pair of scissors, some Elmer's Glue and some spray paint and if you have some old computer parts, that helps with the detail. So what we want to start with is building the main assemblies of the robot and you just start with your basic cardboard shapes and you can build up from the feet up to the waist or you can start on the upper body. As I'll demonstrate here, to get this curve shape to the head, we'll take a piece of cardboard and we're going to cut triangles and as we cut these triangular shapes out, we're creating a nice form that we can create a curved surface. So we're able to get a compound curve out of a flat piece of cardboard. Then once we cut these pieces out and we start bending the cardboard, we start getting the shape of let's say the head that we have here and we'll need to finish it off by gluing it and affixing the detail pieces on top. Once we have that, we can hook this head piece up to another flat piece of cardboard, we can stick it down inside the neck here and start doing the finishing detailing. Also you could take a piece of a Coke bottle and we have it filled up with some plastic rocks with a little light bulb fit inside to make our little dilithium cartridge chamber. You can also use like spare wires from old computer parts to dress out the detail. And as we have here, we have these little plugs that are just hot glued onto the body hooked up to these little circuit boards. You can also use any kind of tubing. We have a computer wire tubing here for our own detail, but you can use any kind of tubing, you can use plastic straws, anything like that to make our your detail. And really basically pretty much the last thing is you just want to make sure that you have your pieces well taped together and glued because once you start putting the parts and the paint on the robot it becomes a little heavy and you don't want it to fall apart on you. So there we go, there's our finished cardboard robot. And that's how you can build a robot out of a cardboard box.


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