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Build-it-yourself robots can be made from old recycled toy parts, parts from eBay, sheets of plastic and lots of metallic paint. Create robots from scrap parts with information from a computer graphics artist in this free video on robots.

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Video Transcript

I'm John P. Funk, with the Cosmic Funk Studio, and I'm here to talk about build it yourself robots, so here today, we have with us J-65, who is my robot that I made for my movie, called the Quest for the Dark Planet, and he's made out of old recycled toy parts, that I had laying around, and some stuff I bought new in the store, some stuff I got off of Ebay, like this RAD robot, which I used the base from this guy, to make the base for my J-65. Other parts included on this robot, are a Darth Maul Light Saber, from our Star Wars films, a Space 1999 Eagle toy parts, from old 1970's television show, and other assorted pieces from other toys, like this old UFO Attack toy, I had when I was a kid, which makes the head component of the robot. The robot is also built from two different remote control vehicles, and he turns, and he lights up, and does all kinds of neat stuff. The robot took quite a few months to make in my spare time, and the basic tools that I used for making the robot, are your screwdrivers, and your basic tools like that, but you also need a dremel tool, or some kind of roto tool, for cutting the plastic, hacksaw, and soldering iron, for soldering the LED's and the electronics, so as you see here, I have the remotes from two of the different RC vehicles, that I cannibalized, which make up all the motorized sections of the robot, so the arms are made from these robotic hand claw grabbers, that I got at the Dollar Store, and I used five of them, to make all the different joints on the hand itself. The midsection of the robot uses an Arctic Shock Water Gun, and then the various other plastic parts, are taken from old toys, or sheet plastic styrene, that I have in abundance, that you can get at any plastic store. I go to Regal Plastics, here in Austin. You can buy a whole sheet real cheap, for about fifteen bucks, and lots of time and patience, and especially a lot of paint. This robot I think, used like two cans of silver spray paint. It was primed with a gray coat, and then I used a clear blue, to get the metallic finish on top, so there you go. There's how you do a do it yourself robot, using your recycled toy parts.


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